Aspiring Stripper’s Guide to Brisbane Strip Clubs

Many may not consider working in strip clubs Brisbane has to be decent in every sense of the word, but it is still a good-paying job.

So what if the profession is in the adult industry? Many men and women made a career out of it and lived to tell an interesting story or two.

What is even better is that adult entertainment is heavily regulated.

In fact, strip clubs have had their share of licence stripping after getting caught breaking adult entertainment laws. There are also specific rules and regulations that ensure the safety of strippers.

Sex is not part of the job either since stripping is not prostitution.

5 Amazing Reasons to Strip at Strip Clubs

  • Professional management

In high-end clubs, managers are firm but fair. No male or female stripper is mistreated, abused, or cheated out of their pay. Strippers are given the same kind of treatment as the rest of the staff with no crude comments on the side.

  • Guaranteed protection

Touching may be allowed in Queensland but that’s how far the rules loosen up. If patrons start acting nasty or rowdy, they will be kicked out without question.

It has been known to happen, however, when a high-paying client gets away with everything. If this is the case, time to switch employment. With plenty of other strip clubs Brisbane has, anyone can easily get another gig.

  • Fun atmosphere

It’s a strip club, with neon lights and great music! No other job has that kind of work environment. Compared to working in an office, you work and have fun at the same time in an adult lounge. It’s also one of the few workplaces where dancing and drinking are allowed.

And don’t get me started on the work clothes.

For a woman who wants to dress sexy and with as little fabric as possible while working, a strip club is the perfect place to be.

  • A job much different from others

Most professions are serious and stressful that professionals have to hit a club or go somewhere fun to de-stress and relax.

A stripper, on the other hand, is working in a place where a lot of people go for stress relief and to work out the day’s worries.

It is like strippers are doing things backward where a job is concerned and it’s fun and unique.

  • Good tip, great income

How much a stripper earns greatly depends on where she works. Some clubs give dancers 65% of every dance to take home. A 10-minute dance, for example, lets a stripper earn $50, a 30-minute dance for $110, and an hour’s dance for $195.

And they can earn that every night and more than once in one night during peak days.

Ready to strip it down for strip clubs Brisbane has?