Bucks Party Basics: How to Host a Memorable Bucks Party for your Mate

Are you chosen to be the best man for your best friend’s wedding? Well, you have to give him the best bucks party before he loses his freedom as a single guy.

Have you ever organised one before? You must have a lot of questions in mind. No need to fret. This simple guide will help you organise a party for all your close pals to enjoy.

When should be the best time to hold the bucks party?

Think ahead.

Bucks parties are known to be held the night before the wedding. But, over the years, as the number of concerned brides continues to rise, bucks nights and parties are held two days or several days before the wedding to ensure that the groom will show up and be sober during the ceremony.

If you want to be the “best” best man your mate can have, schedule the party a month or a week ahead, depending on the availability of your friends. This is especially true if you decide to party over the weekend on an island together with your friends. You can even surprise the groom two nights before the wedding when he least expects it.

What should you do at the bucks party?

When planning for the activities that you’re going to do and the venue of the party, always follow this simple rule: refer to the budget and stick to it. Make sure that the total cost is reasonable.

Another thing is to plan activities that will fit with the personality of your buck to ensure that he will enjoy the event. It has been known to happen that the best man organised a party based on what he likes. Don’t be that guy.

If you are planning to spend the whole day and some hours at night for the bucks party, choose activities to enjoy for long periods, such as go-karting, paintballing, laser tagging, golf, and horseback riding.

At night, when you plan to hang out in bars and strip clubs, make sure that you’ll consider what your buck might feel about it. If it’s alright with him, then you must know the basic etiquette when inside one of the strip clubs.

How to Behave when inside a strip club?

In Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, the strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs here offer classy entertainment services and lap dances. This means you need to behave classy and well-mannered as well.

When inside strip clubs, remember that:

  • Strippers are working as entertainers, they do sexy dances on stage, lap dances, and other topless performances, but they are there not to be judged and abused.
  • The booze inside gentlemen’s clubs is expensive for a reason. Whining about them isn’t appropriate.
  • If possible, don’t bring your credit card with you. Tips and payments should be in cash.
  • Strip clubs are places for fantasy and entertainment, whatever you see there must be left there.

With these in mind, your mate’s bucks party will be one unforgettable event.