What You Can Expect from a Brisbane Adult Lounge

When you hit a Brisbane adult lounge, you not only get to feast with your eyes but all your other senses as well. There are sexy and gorgeous women to look at, quality drinks and food to taste, and a gentle touch to make you feel warm.

In Queensland, touching the strippers is allowed which makes Brisbane a really great location for hitting the clubs.

More to Enjoy in an Adult Lounge

Beautiful girls

It won’t be a gentlemen’s club without the girls.

In some clubs, however, strippers are not only dressed sexy and almost nude but also in club wear. So there’s definitely plenty to see and feast your eyes with and in different levels of dressed or undressed.

Quality over quantity

Some clubs may have lots of strippers but very few that are worth spending money on. You are better off in an adult lounge with a few hot box. If you find one that guarantees more quality women, then you know you hit the jackpot.

Long and varied drink list

With a choice of bottle service in every table and a huge selection of quality mixed drinks, you can enjoy a club in every sense of the word. If you plan to get hammered, you have the option to sample every drink on the list.

Just make sure you don’t suffer the negative after-effects – huge hangover, splitting headache, glitter or tattoo on your face, and smelling rank as a whore, no pun intended.

Then again, it won’t be a wild night without some wild consequences.

VIP Party booths and membership

The best adult lounge in Brisbane offers VIP party booths and membership that come with some really awesome perks. You don’t have to be a member to use the VIP booths but you can enjoy so much more by being a club member.

There are exclusive benefits afforded to them, after all.

If you find a gentleman’s club that you see frequenting in the future, becoming a member will prove more advantageous.

Fancy bucks parties

Looking for a proper send off? You should celebrate bucks parties in a Brisbane adult lounge. For a party of 7 to 10, for example, you can get complimentary entry, a $300 bar tab, your own roped-off area, and two 10-minute lap or stage dances for just $500.

Considering the amount of your bar tab, this buck’s party package is a steal, especially if you get sexy and beautiful girls with it.

There’s more to an adult lounge than strippers. If you want a different kind of entertainment, you should check one out.